5L-10L 3-in-1 linear type filling machine
Model: 2-2-1 4-4-1 6-6-1 8-8-1 10-10-1 12-12-1
capacity:300 600 500 900 1200 1500 1800

Main Technical Standards

Model Capacity(BPH) Size(mm) Weight(kg)
CGF2-2-1 300 1600*900*2150 600
CGF4-4-1 600 2000*900*2150 800
CGF6-6-1 900 2400*900*2150 1200
CGF8-8-1 1200 2800*900*2150 1600
CGF10-10-1 1500 3200*900*2150 2000
CGF12-12-1 1800 3600*900*2150 2400

The equipment is used for production of non-carbonated drink of mineral and pure water packed in polyester bottles-5L,6L and 7L.The whole machine have scientific and reasonable design,beautiful appearance,complete functions,easy operation and maintenance,highly automatic.The filling is fast, amount of liquid is accurately controlled.It adopts the chain channel to deliver,wash,fill and seal the bottles.You could replace the bottles freely by changing the dial guide plate,as long as that the dimensions of sealing surface ,bottleneck and cap are consistent.The magnetic torque is used for screw capping to achieve grab and screw caps.
This line is mainly used for liquid,which concentrates disinfection rinsing,filling ,capping together,with features of moderate production capacity,simple structure,easy operation.