de capper
Features1 It integrates brushing, internal washing and external washing The three working conditions are completed


1. It integrates brushing, internal washing and external washing. The three working conditions are completed in the same cycle, saving time, labor and power.
2. Water supply mode, users can reasonably choose the mode of circulating water supply, non-circulating water supply and compound water supply according to their needs.
3. Good cleaning effect. This machine is suitable for all-round and effective cleaning of the inner and outer walls of the barrel body.
4. The operation is simple. The whole cleaning process can be completed by only one operation of opening and closing the door.
5. Attention should be paid to the power supply mode of the machine. N is zero line. After power supply is connected, the water tank is filled with water to confirm the rotation direction of the motor. Then turn on the panel power switch, and then turn on the cover to run.
6. The cover-pulling brush barrel machine is suitable for separating the cover and barrel of 3-gallon and 5-gallon drinking water recovery barrels. After separation, the barrel cover has no wear and deformation, and can be reused after disinfection, thus improving the utilization rate of the barrel cover. This machine is driven by air pressure, safe and reliable. The rated air source pressure is 0.5 Mpa/2, the air intake is more than 0.1 m3/minute, and the pull-out rate is 200-300 pcs/hour. Turn on the air source, insert the barrel mouth into the pull-out head after inverting the recovery barrel, then press the foot switch, the barrel lid can be pulled out and slid out of the chute.