Characteristic and Principle of Heat-shrinkable Film Packaging Bottle


Heat shrinkable packaging bottle is specially designed for the automatic production line of beer, beverage, pure water, fruit juice, dairy and other drinks. It has the automatic function of conveying feeding, rationalizing bottle, wrapping film, sealing, shrinking, cooling and setting process. Its dividing device has the following characteristics:
1. New structure;
2. Flexible and reliable movements;
3. Accurate diversion and fast variety change to improve work efficiency and avoid bottle jam failure.
The principle of the flask dividing device for thermoshrinkable film packaging bottles is that the flask dividing device has a flask feeding conveyor belt and a buffer conveyor belt which are arranged in turn along the moving direction of the bottle and move in the same direction. Its characteristics are as follows: a counting clamping mechanism is arranged on both sides of the flask feeding conveyor belt, and a flask dividing device is arranged on the upper part of the buffer conveyor belt customi A bottle blocking mechanism is arranged on the outer side of the channel mechanism for bottle dialing. The utility model is suitable for production matching before packing in food, medicine and daily chemical industries, and belongs to the field of packaging technology.