Equipment Component of Three-in-One Filling Machine


The three-in-one unit completes three processes of bottle washing, filling and sealing at one time. The bottle wears little, drives accurately and smoothly, and replaces the bottle type conveniently.
The three-in-one main machine is composed of bottle washing machine, filling machine, capping machine, frame, window sealing, main motor and transmission system, bottle transmission system, capping device and electrical control system.
The turnover mechanism of bottle washer is mainly composed of water distributor, bottle washer, upper turntable, guide rail, protective cover, sprinkler and water receiving plate.
The filling mechanism is mainly composed of filling barrel, filling valve, guide rail, lifting device and jam lifting device.
The capping mechanism is composed of three parts: the capping device, the falling guide rail and the capping machine.
Auxiliary (or optional) equipment includes reflux tank for bottle flushing water, inlet duct and outlet chain. In addition, it can also be equipped with manual bottle-loading platform (or bottle-handling machine), multi-row differential chain manual bottle-discharging platform, automatic capping machine, etc. according to customer requirements.