Edible Oil Filler


Edible oil filling machine, as its name implies, is a special filling machine for filling edible oil. Edible oil filling machine Edible oil filling machine now generally adopts flow meter filling mode.
Because of its unique characteristics, the corresponding requirements for the filling machine are more stringent, and the edible oil is relatively expensive, so the accuracy of the filling machine is relatively high. Generally, the accuracy of the filling machine needs to reach 0.2%. Generally, the filling machine of edible oil is equipped with temperature tracking system to maintain the stability of measurement accuracy.
From the degree of automation, edible oil is divided into semi-automatic and full-automatic types. The structure of semi-automatic type is relatively simple. Its main function is filling function, with fewer incidental functions. Full-automatic type is generally pipeline, filling and testing. It does not need too much manual operation to complete the cover at one time. At the same time, it can be equipped with stickers according to its own needs. Standard machine, jet printer, packing machine and other ancillary equipment.
Different filling machines have different applications and industries. The real edible oil filling machine has high technical content. The full-automatic filling machines of Nancheng edible oil filling series all adopt SIEMENS (Siemens) PLC computer, touch screen control, and have intelligent protection function. Vacuum drip-proof device ensures that no drip leakage occurs in the production process. Applicable to all kinds of viscous, non-viscous and corrosive liquids, widely applicable to vegetable oil, chemical liquids, daily chemical industry, quantitative small packaging filling, linear filling, mechanical and electrical integrated control, the replacement of varieties is quite simple and fast, unique design, superior performance, modelling in line with the concept of international machinery and equipment.