Points for Attention in Use of Edible Oil Filler


The usage method of edible oil filling machine and the matters needing attention in its installation:
Edible oil filling machine now generally adopts the flow meter filling method. Because of its unique characteristics, the corresponding requirements for the filling machine are more stringent, and the filling machine's accuracy is relatively high, so the edible oil filling machine is generally equipped with temperature tracking system to maintain the stability of measurement accuracy.
1. When filling machines are used at ordinary times:
1. The filler must be placed on the flat ground and grounded when it is used.
2. Before the filling machine starts to use, it must rotate the machine with a handle to see if the rotation is normal, and check whether there are any debris in all working areas.
3. When filling material with filling machine, the cap of filling material bottle should be equal to the size of material bottle mouth.
4. When the filling machine is running, operators are strictly prohibited to put their hands or other parts into the operation area of the filling machine.
5. When filling materials, the filler should not let the filling cylinder be free of materials.
6. Clean the filling machine after use, cut off the power supply and do not clean the cabinet with water when cleaning.
7. In the course of using, if the operator finds that the filling machine is out of order, he should seek professional maintenance personnel in time and not repair blindly.
8. To keep the filling machine clean, lubricate the important parts of the filling machine regularly to prevent the filling machine from malfunctioning or rusting.
2. Attention must be paid to the following matters when installing filling machines:
1. When installing filling machine, first check whether the machine sent by the manufacturer is in good condition and whether there are relevant installation instructions:
2. Remove the machine parts and install them according to the illustration in the instructions. In the process of installation, the screw should be carefully screwed in order to avoid accidents and damage the machine.
3. Check whether the parts are loose after installation. Rotate the machine with a rocking handle to check whether the machine is working properly.
4. After normal operation, lubricating oil is added at each lubrication point of the machine, and power is inserted to debug the machine.