Water treatment softening equipment


Water treatment softening equipment, as its name implies, is a device to reduce water hardness. It mainly removes calcium and magnesium ions from water. When the water inflow is deep well water or the water source is very hard, the function of using softening water equipment is to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water and reduce calcium and magnesium ions in water. Softening water equipment can not reduce the total salt content in water during the process of softening water. It has been widely used in hot water boiler system, heat exchange system, industrial cooling system, central air conditioning system and other water equipment systems.
The main working principle of softening water equipment is to use anion and cation softening. Let raw water pass through anion and cation converter to remove calcium, magnesium and sodium plasma in water. The water that comes out is just water molecules. Without other molecules, scaling can be effectively prevented. When the inflow is deep well water or the hardness of the water source is very high, the function of softening water equipment is to remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water and reduce the calcium and magnesium ions in the water. If there is no water softener or water softener failure, calcium and magnesium salts on the surface of reverse osmosis membranes will form insoluble precipitates due to the sharp increase of concentration, plug the pore of reverse osmosis membranes, shorten the service life of reverse osmosis membranes and increase the maintenance cost of equipment.
Equipment classification editing industrial water treatment equipment, drinking water treatment equipment, filling equipment, water treatment accessories several categories. Industrial water treatment equipment power plant large-scale reverse osmosis equipment, medical and electronic industry super-pure water equipment, flower melon and fruit irrigation with pure water equipment, medication equipment, boiler softening water equipment; drinking water treatment equipment, food and beverage industry pure water equipment, water plant pure water mineral water equipment, rural drinking water equipment, hotels, hotels, etc. Direct drinking water equipment such as schools, government units and canteens. Filling equipment barrel, bottle filling line, brush barrel capping machine; water treatment accessories filter material, filter element, booster pump, reverse osmosis membrane, shell, precision filter, flowmeter, pressure gauge, ozone generator, ultraviolet bactericide, scale inhibitor and so on.