Why do you need to clean and pre-circulate the circulating cooling water system?


   The circulating cooling water system, whether it is a new system or an old system, must be pre-filmed before the normal feeding of the vehicle. The cleaning and pre-filming work is referred to as pre-filming of the chemical treatment of the circulating water system. For the new system, during the installation process, debris, debris and ash will inevitably remain in the system. Sometimes the cooling equipment is rusted and oily. If these impurities and oil are not cleaned, It will affect the next pre-film treatment. The cooling equipment of the old system often has scale, slime and metal corrosion products, which seriously affect the equipment life and heat exchange efficiency. Therefore, the importance of cleaning work, for the new system, can improve the pre-film effect, reduce the occurrence of corrosion and scaling; for the old system, can improve heat transfer efficiency, improve process operating conditions, and ensure long production cycle, Reduce energy consumption and extend equipment life. Therefore, the cleaning work is an indispensable part of the operation of the circulating water system.
   The pre-film of the circulating water system is to improve the film-forming effect of the corrosion inhibitor. It is often added at the initial stage of circulating water to increase the corrosion inhibition dose. After the film is formed, the concentration of the agent is lowered to maintain the film, that is, normal treatment. The purpose of this pre-film treatment is to form a metal protective film on the metal surface to improve the corrosion inhibition effect of the corrosion inhibitor. Practice has also proved that in the same system, the pre-filming and pre-filming equipment have the same corrosion inhibition effect when using the same corrosion inhibitor. Therefore, the pre-filming work in the initial stage of circulating water driving must be given high priority.