Application technology for circulating water treatment


    If the circulating water system is not effectively treated, it will inevitably produce three common problems of dirt, rust and biological slime produced by the continuous proliferation of microorganisms, resulting in blockage of pipes: increased energy consumption, chiller The operation is affected by the cooling effect, the equipment life is shortened, etc., and the surrounding environment has different degrees of influence.
The purpose of circulating water quality treatment
1. Safe and efficient to improve the cooling effect.
2, water saving and power saving (each condensing temperature is reduced by 1 ° C. The energy consumption of the chiller is reduced by 3 - 5%, so the heat transfer effect of the condenser is good, and the small temperature difference of the condensing is kept at the best effect, which can greatly save electricity.) Water treatment energy Remove scale and prevent the formation of scale, improve heat exchange efficiency, and thus reduce the consumption of electric energy. Moreover, water treatment can also reduce sewage, thereby improving the utilization of circulating water, generally saving more than 60% of water.
3. Extend the service life of heat exchange equipment
    Water treatment can remove rust and rust to avoid corrosion damage of equipment. After prophylaxis, the life of the equipment can be doubled. In the actual use process, our company's existing air conditioning system refrigeration equipment has been used for 20 years, and the chiller and pipeline system are still running at high quality.