Development of the beverage machinery industry


    With the development of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, China's beverage industry has developed rapidly, especially the variety of beverages. It has grown from a single glass bottled soda before the 1970s to today's carbonated drinks and natural drinks. The situation. The beverage packaging industry has also followed a diversified trend, breaking the pattern of a single glass container monopoly market in the past.
First, beverage packaging
At present, the domestic disposal of drinking water, carbonated beverages and tea beverages in China can basically satisfy the demand. The medium and low-speed bottles and packing equipment also have matching products to choose from. In the hot filling machine, each equipment factory Can handle the technical requirements of equipment handling and sealing in hot filling environment. The problem of aseptic cold filling was also addressed. However, whether it is carbonated beverages, bottled water, juice is still a tea beverage, and whether it is a PET bottle or a metal can still be a Tetra Pak, the packaging production line of the famous Chinese beverage company is basically a national introduction of equipment.
Second, the packaging of carbonated beverages
    The carbonated beverages represented by Coca-Cola and Pepsi are still the largest of the Chinese beverages. Although the growth rate is slow, the number is definitely increasing every year.
Third, the packaging of tea and juice drinks
    Hot filling is still the most important production and filling skills of current tea and juice drinks.
    Hot-filled PET bottles, metal three-piece cans, Tetra Pak, are the three packaging methods for tea and juice drinks.