Linear filling machine structure


    The linear filling machine consists of a belt, a bottle, a bottle stopper, a filling nozzle, a filling machine and the like. Each component has an adjustment mechanism to accommodate the filling of containers of different specifications. The coordinated action of the various components of the whole machine is driven by the main motor, and the conveyor belt is continuously driven by a separate 0.18KW motor.
Conveyor belt
    The function of the conveyor belt is to enter the bottle and then output to the capping machine after the filling is completed. The speed of the conveyor belt is manually adjusted by the stepless governor placed on the conveyor.
2. Into the bottle, stop the bottle
    The machine adopts the cylinder clamping positioning to clamp the bottle, and the bottle is placed in a pneumatic manner. The bottle is rotated by a right-angle gear and a pair of sprocket drives, and the dial wheel is not blocked to complete a bottle positioning stop bottle, quantitative filling, and bottle.
3. Filling
    The filling nozzle is an intermediate bridge between the metering pump and the filling container. Its function is to pass the liquid material pumped out by the metering pump through the filling nozzle container, into the bottle from the filling head, and then slowly rise to fill, so it is not easy to foam. .
4. Measurement
    The metering pump is the core component of the linear filling machine. Its quality directly affects the filling accuracy and the filling volume.
    The linear filling machine has a simple and practical structure. Although its production capacity is not as good as that of a rotary filling machine, its adjustment is easy, and its applicability is strong and widely used. Especially for the filling of multi-variety products, it also shows its superiority.