Fully automatic CIP in-situ cleaning system


     CIP uses a centrifugal pump to transport cleaning fluid in the material pipeline and equipment container for forced circulation to achieve cleaning purposes without dismantling the pipeline equipment, improving equipment utilization and reducing labor intensity.
     CIP (cleaning in place): cleaning in place or on site. Means that the device is not disassembled or moved, that is, high
The warm and high-concentration cleaning solution will exert a strong effect on the equipment and equipment, clean the contact surface with the food, and clean and purify the production equipment with stricter hygiene requirements.
1. High cleaning efficiency;
2. The health level is stable;
3. Safe operation and save labor;
4. Save the amount of cleaning agent, water, steam, etc.;
5. High degree of automation. CIP cleaning energy: kinetic energy, thermal energy, chemical energy.
     The CIP system is mainly composed of a cleaning liquid storage tank, a heater, a liquid feeding pump, a pipeline, a valve, a filter, a cleaning head, a liquid returning pump, a device to be cleaned, and a program control system.