How does carbonated beverage filling machine fill into the can


Cans of fizzy drinks containing gas production line to produce aluminum cans of soda is a kind of carbonated soft drinks contain carbon dioxide containing gas, such as beverage but also called soda drinks, soda is also called soda or drink containing gas, its principle is carbon dioxide, dissolved in the water reaches saturation, gas of potable water in CO2 gas content of not less than 1.0 times, Then a soda can filler is used to fill the soda can. How does a soda can filler fill the soda can?

How does carbonated beverage filling machine fill

Before use, in order to ensure the cleanliness of consumables before filling, it is necessary to wash the cans, using flood dragon type washing, the tank flusher to wash the inside of the cans with sterile water, and then turn the cans for a week to dry the water, rinse.

Carbonated beverage production line of soda cans has strict requirements on the production of carbonated beverage. When filling, the pressure of liquid cylinder is relatively high, and the liquid cylinder used for filling is also thickened. , the valve adopts isobaric filling method, the bottle filling method adopts the bottom lifting mechanism, isobaric filling bottles need thickness comparison, the pressure of the bottle will be larger. Can be a variety of square or round filling. Jar through into the pot of the star wheel into the filling machine, reach the tank after reservation center, then filling valve along the bearing CAM down, place the pot on and preloading seal, seal pressure besides centering to cover its own weight, is produced by a cylinder pressure, the pressure inside the cylinder can be gas pressure reducing valve to adjust the control on ark, the pressure of 0 ~ 40 kpa (0 ~ 0.04 MPa).

The washing way of the cans is to turn over the cans in the way of channel dragon washing, filling and capping equipment can be made into two automatic equipment, sealing to fly wheel type four wheels customized sealing, the whole equipment is equipped with the whole automatic lubrication system, the machine has a long service life, smooth and stable use.

Carbonated beverage filling machine needs to be cleaned regularly after use, using CIP cleaning system, cleaning operation filter material cleaning: filter material cleaning by backwashing after loading: Open the water valve, and then open the backwash valve water, this process generally takes a few hours, until the water is clarified, when cleaning, pay close attention to the drainage should not have a large number of normal particles of filter material, otherwise, should immediately close the water inlet valve to prevent filter material rushed out. Forward washing and operation: after the filter material is cleaned, open the lower discharge valve and enter the normal state. The use of washing materials are: acid, lye. Disinfectant, hot water. By cross-use.