3000-4000bph glass bottle 3-in-1 filling machine
1 Model:12-12-6
2 Bottle Type:glass
3 Automatic Washing Filling Capping machine (3-IN-1)
4 SIEMENS programed conteroller

Main Technical Standards

Washing heads Filling heads Capping heads Production Capacity
Power of main motor
14-12-5 14 12 5 3000-4000 3
18-18-6 18 18 6 5000-6000 3.8
24-24-8 24 24 8 6000-8000 5.5
32-32-10 32 32 10 8000-10000 7.5


The high-precision mechanical filling valve has the characteristics of no vacuum without a bottle.
The open gear is combined with the gearbox drive, with clutch device, and the variable frequency speed control device expands the speed modulation range.
This machine has a self-lubricating device that lubricates the machine regularly. High efficiency, low noise and long life.
Some parts of the machine can be adjusted to suit different types of bottles.
The height of the liquid in the bottle is controlled by an electronic probe to make the liquid level more precise.


Filling valve adopts high precision mechanical filling valve,with the character of no bottle no vacuum pumping.
Open gear combined gear box transmission,with on-off device.Frequency conversion velocity modulation device extends the speed modulation scope.
This machine has self oil lubrication device so that the lubrication points could be lubricated regularly in time.The machine is of high efficiency,low noise and long life.
Centering guide id of double guide bar type,with the function of pre-covering.
Some of the machine parts can be adjusted to fit different sizes of bottles.
The material height in the bottles controlled by electric probe to assure the precise liquid level.