Principle and characteristics of China carbonated beverage filling machine


What is the china carbonated beverage filling machine

Principle and characteristics of China carbonated beverage filling machine

1, used for filling bottled drinks containing a certain amount of gas, or liquid in water combined with a certain amount of carbon dioxide, the drink contains dissolved CO2.


2. Call it a "carbonated drink." Carbonated beverage with gas content not less than standard times. At present, the mainstream packaging on the market has PET bottles, cover types of containers used for PET plastic blow molding.


3. There is a large amount of CO2 inside the bottle, and the pressure is very high at normal temperature. The packaging needs to be sealed to prevent bubbles from leaking through the edge of the cap.


4. The lid can coordinate the gap between internal and external dripping after screwing to ensure the integrity of the whole.


5, glass bottle and PET bottle beverage packaging principle, the cover also need anti-drip rubber pad, in the domestic market, the cost is high, the conventional need to recycle, bottle recycling need to add a glass bottle cleaning machine, through the first disinfectant immersion.


6, in the artificial bottle deep into the brush for simple brush cleaning. This equipment is generally suitable for cleaning in small volumes.


7, the whole step is automatic, only need manual bottle, automatic operation: "soak disinfection", "brush bottle", "clean", "clean bottle" series of processes, and then automatic use, convenient and fast.


Principle and characteristics of china carbonated beverage filling machine


1, the body structure is good, the control system is complete, easy to operate, high degree of automation.


2, contact with the material parts are made of stainless steel, health, easy to clean.


3, the use of efficient cover management system, with perfect cover feeding technology and protection device.


4, with overload protection device, can effectively protect the machine equipment and operators.


5, the control system has automatic control of material water level and height, automatic stop of bottles and other devices.


6, adopt suspension filling, different bottle type, bottle thick book can be used.


7, the host adopts frequency conversion belt control, can easily adapt to the speed regulation of production capacity.


8, micro electrical data control, stable performance, so that the operation is simple, more humane.


9, cylinder for filling power, high productivity, simple structure, easy to maintain.


10. The screw cap part is equipped with automatic skid device, and the screw cap is properly tightened.


11, soda water mixing using high strength atomization, pressure degradation mixing at room temperature, without freezing can achieve the ideal steam effect.


12, novel and unique design, filling carbonated drinks or beverages without steam, do not interfere with each other, both can achieve the ideal effect.


carbonated beverage filling machine overview and principle characteristics on the analysis of this, after reading this article you should have a basic understanding and understanding I believe we all understand it! Hope to help you.