Nine characteristics of Chinese carbonated beverage filling machine


China carbonated beverage filling machine for the production of large or small bottle of carbonated water concoction,by way of the sugar allocation,form the preliminary beverage by soda after mixing machine of oxygen in the drinks the first line of degassing,original syrup and water mixing ratio,through the pump material mixture to adopt the way of spray area expanded,and carbon dioxide mix,The formation of saturated carbonated drinks,common drinks are Coca Cola,7up,old soda,carbonated water and other drinks.

Nine characteristics of Chinese carbonated beverage filling machine:

1.Compact structure,perfect control system,convenient operation,high degree of automation.

2.Parts in contact with materials are made of imported high quality stainless steel,no process dead Angle,easy to clean.

3.High precision,high speed quantitative filling valve,accurate liquid level without liquid loss,to ensure excellent filling quality.

4.Constant torque device is used for capping head to ensure capping quality.

5.Adopt efficient cover management system,perfect cover feeding technology and protection device.

6.It is not necessary to adjust the height of the equipment to change the bottle shape.It can be realized by replacing the star wheel of the bottle,which is simple and convenient to operate.

7.The filling system adopts the bottle bottle technology to avoid the secondary pollution of the bottle mouth.

8.The control system has the functions of automatic water level control,missing cover detection,automatic bottle stop and output count.

9.The whole filling machine adopts advanced touch screen control,which can realize man-machine dialogue.

Carbonated beverage filling machine adopts pure water washing,filling,capping machine,absorbing foreign advanced technology of the same type of products,stable performance,safe and reliable.The bottle enters the bottle punching machine through transmission star wheel.The bottle clamp holds the bottle mouth and turns up 180°along the guide rail of the bottle to make the bottle mouth downward.In the specific area of the bottle punching machine,sterile water is sprayed from the nozzle of the bottle clamp to wash the inner wall of the bottle.After washing and draining,the bottle is held by bottle clamp and then turned down along the guide rail for 180°,so that the bottle mouth is upward.After washing,the bottle is exported from the bottle punching machine through the transition steel dial wheel(pure water bottle punching)and transferred to the next process filling.

The bottle that enters the filling machine is stuck to the bottle mouth by the bottleneck support plate,filling adopts the backflow filling method.The filling valve will be opened after contacting the bottle mouth to complete the filling process.During the filling process,some materials exceeding the bottle capacity will be re-allocated by the dispensing system before being sent into the reflux tank and reflux pump.