Can filling machine three filling methods and characteristics


Can filling machine is applied to the processing and production of fluid,paste,viscous body and other products.Different filling equipment has different filling methods,including atmospheric pressure,negative pressure,and pressure filling methods,respectively suitable for different product requirements.The following contents briefly describe the characteristics of the above three filling methods.Atmospheric filling method;This type of device usually elevates the storage tank to increase pressure.Filling with their own weight as the power,suitable for good fluidity,low viscosity of milk,wine and other products processing.

Negative pressure filling method;This type of equipment is also called vacuum filling machine,to ensure that the pressure in the bottle is lower than the atmospheric pressure,and then according to the principle of air pressure balance,filling and filling products.Such equipment is generally simple in structure,but the combination of air tightness between components is strong,and there is no great requirement for the viscosity of materials.It can complete the processing of syrup,oil,sauce and other products.

Pressure filling method;This type of equipment is to carry out filling under the condition of higher than atmospheric pressure,one is to use the pressure in the storage tank is equal to the pressure in the bottle,relying on the weight of liquid material into the bottle,also known as isobaric filling.The other in the storage tank top power piston,boost to complete processing.Common filling products are beer,champagne,drinks with gas and so on.

Automatic high-precision filling machine(atmospheric pressure),the equipment can be used as a single machine,but more as a whole supporting production line,the company's pressure filling machine,negative pressure filling machine also has this feature.Can filling machine belongs to special filling equipment,the whole machine parts are solid and stable,vertical body moving light,simple operation in different production environment.In addition,it is equipped with weighing device to accurately measure and ensure the filling quality on site.