Carbonated beverage filling machine technology flow



Carbonated beverage filling machine will be washing, filling and capping three function combination in a body, the whole process of automation, suitable for polyester bottle filling gas beverage such as cola, Sprite, this machine selects the high quality SUS304 material production, the parts using CNC machine precision machining, a carbonated beverage filling machine adopts advanced photoelectric detection operation condition of the parts, With no bottle no filling, no bottle no capping, high degree of automation, simple man-machine interface operation screen.

Carbonated beverage filling machine technology flow

Performance characteristics of carbonated beverage filling machine


1) Bottle feeding adopts air feeding device, hanging card bottleneck mode, bottle loading speed is fast and will not deform the bottle.


2) Flushing bottle mouth adopts advanced bottleneck technology, avoid contact with the thread mouth, more hygienic, bottle conveying adopts bottleneck technology, change the shape of the bottle without adjusting the height, only need to change the diameter of the bottle related protection plate.


3) The valve opening mechanism is driven by the cylinder, the action is accurate and reliable. High speed large flow, high precision filling valve, filling speed, accurate liquid level.


4) The screw cap adopts the screw cap technology introduced from France, and the cover reducer is installed in the low position, and the cover is sent horizontally.


5) Host PLC and frequency converter adopt famous brands


6) The filling machine adopts three-in-one automatic filling machine, food grade SUS304 stainless steel material, compact structure, reasonable design, small occupation area, output from 1000-24000 bottles/hour can be customized;


7)PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface, easy to operate, easy to maintain; The whole line output can be adjusted and has good compatibility and expansibility;


8) Labels and packaging can be used according to customer needs to label or label, film package or carton packaging, only need to replace a few parts can adapt to all kinds of bottle, is the ideal production and processing equipment for small and medium-sized bottled water plants.


Carbonated beverage filling machine technology flow


(1) Process of carbonated beverage filling machine (one-time filling method)


Water source → water treatment → cooling degassing → purification → quantitative blending → cooling mixing → filling → capping → inspection → finished sugar → weighing → dissolving → filtering → syrup blending inspection → disinfection → cleaning → Container


(2) preparation and blending of syrup


Sugar is prepared by cold solution and hot solution


(2). The mixing of syrup


Adding order: original syrup (sweetener) → Preservative → sour agent → fruit juice → essence → pigment → water (carbonated water)


(3) Carbonation process


1. CO2 gas pressure regulating station

2. Water cooler

3. Soda mixer (carbonation tank)


(4) Filling, sterilization and inspection


1. Washing bottle

2. Filling

3. Sterilization

4. Cooling and inspection