What are the equipment of glass bottle filling production line


The full-line speed of the glass bottle filling machine is up to 15000 bottles/hour(300mL/bottle).Including automatic destacking machine,double low end bottle washer,empty bottles and product testing system,bottle filling screw cap all-in-one(including bottle conveying,the COP cleaning system),mix than temperature machine,bottle machine,bottle blow drying machine,laser printer,carton binding machine,card machine,ink printing machine,weighing machine,film packaging machine,robot palletizing machine,total electric supply equipment,etc.All the equipment is controlled intelligently,and can be connected to the self-developed intelligent workshop/PMA production line monitoring system(whole line monitoring technology).


1.Most of the glass bottles used in high-end glass bottles are specially made new bottles with exquisite printing.In order to effectively protect the bottle and clean the bottle thoroughly,the bottle washing machine adopts double end type,all stainless steel tank body(including pre-soaking tank,alkali tank,warm water new tank),all stainless steel bottle rack,high strength polypropylene plastic bottle box,no carbon steel contact parts in the whole process of bottle washing.The secondary circulating water of 30℃~40℃is pre-washed and preheated to reduce the temperature of wastewater,save heat energy and reduce broken bottles.Subsequently,into the lye bad continuous immersion.Effectively control the temperature and concentration of the solution,inside and outside the full softening and reaction of stolen goods.The final comprehensive cleaning,washing and disinfection,through two internal and external flushing of circulating water,one final rinse with new water,the glass bottle thoroughly washed and drained,by the unloading device automatically output.

At the end of every bottle washing process,according to the special structure of glass bottles,bottle to bottle raised within 10 mm),adopts rotating track flushing method,using the shifter lever of bottles on the shelf in the forward rotation upon the star wheel,drive the rotation axis,the axis of rotation on the spray bottle center holes are aligned,the bottle before and then spray hole synchronized with the rotate 90°,can track flush from different angles on the bottle,To minimize flushing dead space,each row of bottles ensures that the nozzle is aligned with the bottle mouth for flushing about 1/2 beat time.When the nozzle is not in the bottle,it does not spray water,which greatly saves the amount of new water.Through the advanced control system optimization,the qualified rate of cleaning is increased by 30%,and the water saving is more than 20%compared with the conventional bottle washing machine.

2.Bottle flushing machine(50 heads),filling machine(40 heads),aluminum cap capping machine(10 heads)are assembled on a working table.The flush bottle can be designed as a single flush or double flush,and can be washed with sterile water or sterilized water,which is centrally recovered.Electronic pneumatic valve control switch,filling pressure,filling time,exhaust time,CIP cleaning time and other actions and parameters.The liquid level accuracy of gas and non-gas water filling can reach±3mm,and the bottle damage and cap damage are far better than the national and industrial standards.The aluminum screw cap is imported from Germany to ensure no scratch and the pass rate of the screw cap reaches 99.5%.In order to adapt to the production of various specifications and sizes of glass bottles,the bottle flushing machine,filling machine and capping machine are designed with lifting device,coupled with the star wheel,guard plate fast line change design,the change of bottle type is quick and convenient.The whole protective door of the machine is closed,and three high efficiency air filters are configured on the top to ensure that the positive pressure is maintained in the protective space of the whole bottle flushing,filling,capping and filling machine,so as to prevent the external air from entering and causing pollution to the filling environment,so as to meet the high standards of safety and health.

The drive system adopts servo screw drive and synchronous control of the host servo motor.Bottle feeding screw use separate servo motor reducer control,through the bottle flow detection signal and bottle filling and screw cap control signal,automatic control of the bottle into the bottle and bottle,in order to prevent the screw into the bottle section of congestion extrusion,downtime or equipment damage,decrease the rate of the glass broken bottles,greatly improving the production efficiency of the equipment.At the same time,through the servo synchronous control system,and the host servo motor to achieve synchronous operation,to ensure accurate transmission of the star wheel.

Each nozzle on the rotary table of the electronic valve flusher is controlled by an electromagnetic pneumatic valve.After the bottle is detected by the photoelectric switch into the bottle,the signal is transmitted to the PLC.PLC issued instructions to control the solenoid valve action,open the corresponding nozzle liquid valve,flushing liquid on the bottle inside the spray,when the liquid rinse is over,the nozzle gas valve is opened,sterile air on the bottle inside the spray blow dry.Automatically stop spraying when there is no bottle.

Electronic filling valve,pneumatic valve control is to retain the original mechanical valve using characteristics of the exhaust pipe liquid level control precision,the influence of the removal of the original complex COP cleaning machine and production efficiency of the valve opening valve closing fork unit,exhaust/CIP control button etc,all the movements are controlled by PLC program calculation,electronic pneumatic valve to control,Can adjust the filling time,exhaust time,liquid pressure,filling pressure,etc.,precise action,convenient operation,simple maintenance.

The opening valve control of filling system adopts double diaphragm cylinder control,no lubrication,long life,simple and reliable.Valve island type solenoid valve using bus communication control technology,to avoid each solenoid valve wiring,wiring messy phenomenon.
What are the equipment of glass bottle filling production line

When filling with air(water),it should be finished according to the conventional process.If there is no gas(water)filling,a liquid level correction procedure will be added after the end of the filling.At this time,the centering hood and the filling valve are detached,the bottle mouth is connected with the atmosphere,and the vacuum valve is opened.The air is pumped through the special inlet flange to fill the air from the atmosphere,and the liquid level in the bottle is accurately calibrated to reach the same height.

Bottle cap cleaning and sterilizing treatment system.Automatic cap feeding machine,cap feeding slide,while reducing losses and improving efficiency,are equipped with dust removal system,medium pressure ultraviolet lamp sterilization system,cover disinfection channel,effectively dust removal,sterilization,sterile water washing,sterile air drying,to ensure the hygiene requirements of bottle caps.

3.CCD camera sensor,high-frequency emission and receiver test conductivity,X-ray microprocessor control measurement technology,detection height,contour,color,bottle bottom foreign body,bottle mouth defect,bottle residual liquid,bottle inner wall outer wall,filling level,bottle cap unqualified bottle,and automatically eliminate.

4.Most special glass bottles are transported by special bottle stacking.Low stacking machine can safely and quickly unload the bottle to the bottle conveyor line.The palletizing roller conveying,bottle conveying trolley,vertical lifting system,board bin collection and so on of the palletizing machine are automatically realized,controlled by the program and coordinated each action cross operation,each movement device is designed with safety self-locking function,to ensure the absolute safety of equipment operation,forklift operation and personnel.

5.In order to adapt to various packaging forms of bottles and boxes,a five-axis robot palletizing machine is configured.

Robot palletizing machine according to ergonomics design,excellent operability and good man-machine dialogue ability,adapt to the complex operating environment and a variety of bottles and boxes palletizing conditions.Touch-type keyboard input programming,equipped with Chinese WINDOWS XP system operating interface,with programming operation keys,selection keys,each axis operation keys,digital/application keys,emergency stop button,safety switch and other operating keys,to achieve mode conversion,servo start,pause,emergency stop,program start and other operating functions.Programming mode adopts teaching,menu prompt,man-machine dialogue,with joint motion,line and arc interpolation,tool posture control functions.Through Ethernet,it can monitor the process parameters,working state and working program of the equipment and transmit data in two directions.Control panel in advance set storage of multiple groups of different palletizing specifications of the parameters,replacing the palletizing specifications,only need to choose the corresponding group of parameters can be.No need to replace any accessories,only need to adjust the position of some parts to adapt to the new palletizing specifications,to achieve the purpose of rapid conversion.

6.The equipment of the whole production line is equipped with Ethernet data interface.According to the needs of the factory,it can access the intelligent workshop and PMA production line butler control system independently developed by the company.According to the requirements of filling production line management,it can solve the intelligent management problems such as real-time data collection,centralized production monitoring,equipment status tracking and equipment efficiency analysis,flexible and programmed formula management,batch data analysis and optimization,personnel information,energy efficiency management and optimization.Adjust the speed of each equipment according to the running condition,bottle flow condition and fault problem,so that the production line runs smoothly and reliably.