Composition and structure of soft drink filling machine


Soft drink filling machine is a kind of automatic,technical control of advanced production equipment,in order to know more about the structure of beverage filling machine,so that we can better understand the beverage filling machine.
Composition and structure of soft drink filling machine

Soft drink filling machine has what composition structure

It is mainly composed of finished water pipe,water storage bag,lifting filling valve,positioning assembly and so on.After the bottle positioning,the beverage filling machine moves up and down under the action of the cylinder and opens and closes the valve controlled by the bottle nozzle limit.The water of the beverage filling machine is injected into the bottle through the pipe and the water is packed into the filling valve,which can ensure the filling accuracy and liquid level of the beverage filling machine can be adjusted,and ensure the sealing of the filling machine.

Bottle washing structure ofSoft drink filling machine:

It is mainly composed of frame,stainless steel frame,water pipe,bottle clamp head,rails,water pans,on water retaining plate and organic glass,bottle positioning,grip the bottle mouth rinse,180°handstsnds when flush again after the completion of 180°rotation,on conveyor chain,can be effective for bottle washing,inside and outside and avoid rinses splash,with maintenance compatibility and reliability.

Rotating structure of Soft drink filling machine:

The sealing structure of imported high energy magnet is adopted.The beverage filling machine is equipped with flat cover and top cover device,with low waste cover rate and adjustable torque.The filling machine is stable and reliable,and the sealing pass rate is high.

Soft drink filling machine has more and more high requirements for precision,its high degree of automation,advanced control technology,high requirements mean high efficiency of beverage filling machine operation.