What are the components of a bottled water filling machine


People's demand for bottled water is increasing. Many people have the idea of opening a bottled water plant. However, many people have never touched the bottled water equipment, and are curious about what the bottled water equipment looks like and how it is produced. The following Nancheng machinery of Guizhou Ankang drinking water equipment will talk to you about what are the components of the bottled water filling machine? How does production work?


What are the components of a bottled water filling machine

First of all, the south bearing machinery to introduce you to the component of bottled water equipment, general key contains a detailed set of pure water production line equipment storage tank, the centrifugal water pump, water treatment filter, activated carbon filter, dosing equipment, reverse osmosis equipment, ro reverse osmosis servers, storage tank, mixing pump, disinfection, sterilization equipment, composition of the filler.


After this series of purification of raw water, the water from the machine and equipment can meet the water quality testing standards of pure water stipulated by the state, and be safe to use.


Bottled water filling machine production working principle


Secondly, the following Nancheng machinery to introduce you to the working principle of bottled water production line is what? In fact, the principle of the bottled water filling production line is very simple, that is, the bottle is transmitted according to the wind, and then transmitted to the bottle flushing machine according to the dial star wheel. The rotating plate of the bottle flushing machine is equipped with a bottle clip, which rotates 180°along the sliding rail to the bottle mouth, so that the bottle mouth goes down. In the special area of the bottle flushing machine, the bottle clamping nozzle sprays out the bottle flushing water to clean the inner cavity of the bottle. After cleaning and drying, the bottle is clamped and then rotated 180°along the slide rail to make the mouth of the bottle go up.

The cleaned bottles are exported from the bottle flushing machine and transferred to the automatic filling machine according to the dial star wheel. The bottle entering the automatic filling machine is jammed by the short plate backing plate and raised by the camshaft effect, and then the canning valve is pushed open by the mouth of the bottle. The method of canning applied force in bottled water production line.


After the canning valve is opened, the raw materials can carry out the whole process of canning according to the canning valve. After the canning is finished, the bottle mouth is lowered to leave the canning valve, and the bottle is fed into the automatic filling machine according to the connecting wheel of the clamping plate. Automatic filling machine stop knife stuck to the short plate position, maintain the bottle standing and avoid rotation. The CAPPING head maintains rotation and constant rotation on the automatic filling machine, and completes the postulates of grasping, covering, screwing and uncovering under the function of camshaft, so as to seal the whole process.