Automatic water filling production line
Mineral water and pure water production line:Pure water process flow chart:Uses:This series of equipment is mainly

Mineral water and pure water production line:
Pure water process flow chart:
This series of equipment is mainly used for the production of non-gas beverages such as mineral water and pure water in polyester bottles. It can be used for rinsing, filling and capping on one machine.

1. The whole machine adopts the card bottleneck suspension running mode design, so that the bottle is stable and reliable under high-speed running condition, and the number of changed parts is greatly reduced, which makes it more convenient and quick to replace the bottle type.
2. Adopt a new generation of stainless steel inverted bottle clamps, so that the clamps are not in contact with the above parts of the bottle mouth threads, and the nozzles are provided to make the inner wall of the bottle flush fully and without dead angle.
3. Using advanced gravity filling principle, filling is fast, stable and accurate.
4. The magnetic torque type capping head is used to realize the capping and screwing. The capping torque is steplessly adjustable, the sealing is strict and reliable, and the cover is not damaged.
5. The whole machine adopts human-machine interface touch screen button, PLC computer control, and has a cover and overload protection alarm device, which can detect and eliminate faults in time, and has high production automation.
6. Parts in contact with water are made of high quality stainless steel, and the main electrical components are made by internationally renowned manufacturers.
The main technical parameters:
Model NC8-8-3C NC12-12-5C NC18-18-6C NC24-24-8C NC32-32-10C NC40-40-12C NC50-50-12C NC60-60-15C
Production capacity 2000 3000-4000 6000-8000 10000 15000 18000 21000 24000
Power 3.0 4.3 4.8 5.6 8.2 9.5 11 13
Size 2000*1500
Weight 1850 2200 2600 2900 3500 4500 5800 6800
power supply 380V/50Hz,380V/60Hz,220V/50Hz,220V/60Hz

* Capacity is calculated according to 500ml