Carton packing machine


Paper bag machines are widely used in beer, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, supporting the filling line, etc., and carrying out secondary carton packaging for all kinds of bottles.


Automatic bottle splitting technology, continuous online operation; PLC control of the whole machine, fully automatic operation.
Frequency control main drive; container grouped brushless servo motor.
Standard chain and internationally renowned hot melt device; automatic lubrication chain and permanent lubrication bearings.
Uniformly apply glue according to running speed; electronically adjust the length of the glue.
 Easy touch operation; multiple security protections.
Slim body design and large sliding door for easy access
Adapt to a variety of bottle types, easy to adjust;
Imported brand-name components for motors, cylinders and electronic controls, using standard components to reduce spare parts storage;
Try to use 304 materials, the whole machine is beautiful and generous.

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