Nancheng Machinery Customer Service System:
We provide you with a complete customer service system, providing real-time service from pre-sales, production process and after-sales!
pre-sale service:
1- Site visit, visit, preliminary preparation research report
2- Propose an optimal solution based on the customer's actual situation
3- Technical communication with customers, negotiation, and solving difficult problems
4- Determine the final production implementation
Equipment production process:
1- According to the production schedule, timely feedback to the customer on the production schedule, etc.
2- Invite customers to inspect and inspect during production
3- After the production of the equipment is completed, the customer is invited to test the machine on site to check the quality of the product.
After sales service:
1- Provide customers with one-year free warranty period and free replacement of parts for equipment quality problems
2- Dispatch engineers to the customer to carry out equipment installation, commissioning, technical guidance, personnel training
3- Permanently store customer product data through the ISO quality certification management system, traceable
4- Regularly return visits to customers, propose equipment maintenance, and provide the latest technical update support.